Monday, September 08, 2008

What's it like having 3 kids?

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People (thousands of them) have been asking me to post about what life is like with 3 kids. I have several friends, I mean thousands, that have 2 kids and are trying to decide if they want to have another. Well, shoooooot.... don't look to me as a role model or example of normalcy. Neverless, here is a day in the life.

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to take a nap, but only had about 45 minutes by the time I got Elijah and Lydia situated in front of the TV and Jordis to sleep. I made one uninterrupted phone call and then I sat down to do read. Ahhh. finally a few minutes of solitude. As I am trying to read, Phayce (our beloved cat) was BUGGING. He knocked my Bible off the desk and onto the floor. He was swatting and biting at my bookmark and crawling all over me. If it's not kids being all needy and dependent and demanding (I know, I know - that's their job.), it's the freakin' cats.

And incidentally, whenever I am nursing (which, by the way, is going much better than with Elijah and Lydia. I have not had mastitis or thrush!), all the living beings in the house HAVE to act up. It must be some cosmological law or something. The cats are cruising around casually on the kitchen counters or puking on the carpet or stealing Jordis's pacifier. The kids are fighting or climbing on things they are not supposed to be on or blowing their noses WITHOUT kleenex or ... you name it. The snot never stops. Really. It is a revolving door around here! AGH!

Last night was my "night off." I was pretty tired and decided that for my exciting "night off" (which is actually my "few hours off" since I am nursing) I was going to take an evening nap. Weird, I know, but when you are tired enough...
So after dinner I was ready to make my escape. Lydia was throwing her "I don't want to eat this" routine over delicious terriyaki chicken, rice and broccoli. I can't remember what Elijah was doing (he finished his dinner), but he was probably asking to watch a show, play legos star wars with his Dad or for a treat. Jordis was peacefully laying on the ground looking around. Just as I was about to retreat to the bedroom, she puked all over herself and the play mat thing and the carpet. Chaos. So I felt like I needed to help out and I cleaned up the puke and put her in her bouncy seat. Shiloh took her to the bath and I then sat with Lydia to get her to eat her dinner. My precious free time was drifting away.

So that is the taste of the exhausting, frustrating, challenging part of parenting three young children, although I think having one child has its challenges as well. It just gets a little more complicated and challenging as you add more to the mix. But I still think going from no kids to one kid is the hardest. Or at least the most life altering.

Now for some of the good parts...

This morning Elijah and Lydia wanted to cuddle with me and sit on my lap (Jordis was asleep). Money can't buy that action.

The other day Elijah said to me, "Mom, don't you wish you could always have babies so dad could stay home from work all the time." I just gave him a fake smile. I liked the second part of his statement anyway.

Today in the car we were listening to the CD from Elijah's Vacation Bible School when Lydia said, "Mommy, the song said 'Dora.'" (Dora the Explorer)
Elijah replied in exasperation, "Lydiaaaa. The song does not say Dora. It's not even about Dora. It's about praising God."

Jordis is smiling. And she is a good sleeper and has a good disposition. And she doesn't disobey...yet. Elijah and Lydia are pretty sweet to her -so far. Wait 'til she wants to play with their toys.

Elijah and Lydia LOVE to clean up their toys when they are done playing with them. Just kidding.

They love it when you read to them. Shiloh and Elijah are on to the Chronicles of Narnia series. And I am reading him Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. He is a captive audience. We just read about how Charlie's Dad lost his job and that they were so poor they didn't have enough money for enough food for the family. Elijah said, "Don't you wish that was true and that really happened?" I am thinking, "No. How sad of him to say that." I asked him why. He said, "If it were true then we could help them and give them money." It doesn't get any better than that.

And how about when Lydia recently said, "My penis hurts." And pointed to her knee. Or when she said, "I have a tummy ache on my booty." Clearly, we need to work on the body parts with her.

All that being said, I could totally fit being Vice President of the United States of America into my mundane life with all the extra time I have. In fact, it would be a welcome break, a vacation. Way easier than my current job. Oh well, my benefits package is way better. Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

I think you are the neatest family and coolest mom Wendy. That was an amazing blog. :D

sara sanchez said...

Thanks for making me laugh...again! Great journalist that you are :-)

Becky said...

Oh man, I was crying I laughed so hard at what Lydia said. Okay, so I'm a little punchy from lack of sleep. Love the updates, a glimpse of what I'll get in a couple months.

Andra Jamison said...

At least w/3 kiddos you can appreciate the little things...I too remember when I looked lovingly at Daphne before she could talk and said, "At least you can't argue with me too" Fabulous comments from Elijah and Lydia, that stuff makes it all worth it!

Unknown said...

Oh... now I remember those days!! Your stories are so great, and so easy for any mom to relate to. Honestly, though, it's amazing how quickly you tend to forget those "fun times" once the kids grow up. New challenges arise, though. Tuesday the boys had to be to school at 7am for morning Jazz Band and Emily and I had to be at the high school for a 6:30am mandatory meeting. And Dave was supposed to work an early shift. So.... I'm not sure things get easier, necessarily, as the kids get older. God always keeps things interesting for us moms! I am so glad that you are enjoying these times with your little ones, even though you probably feel like a zombie most of the time!

Anonymous said...

the kids aren't the's the cats...My hankering for more is growing daily- not cats! From the cornfields