Monday, April 06, 2009

Sorry Kid, Can't Take You to a Bar

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When Elijah was two years old he loooooved the band "Switchfoot." He listened to their music constantly and watched their DVDs over and over. He talked about the band members as if he knew them and made references to them on a regular basis. You can revisit an previous blog post to learn more about those hilarious conversations with the little groupie.

Today I thought I would post some footage of Elijah as he mimics his former idols. He was about three years old during this performance: 

Man, if you're a Switchfoot fan, you know that he shoulda been in the band. He's got them down.

In honor of "Make me Laugh Monday" on Jenny on the Spot's Blog (Yes, she is BEST friends with Jenny from the Block) I thought I would post this... it should make you laugh in a sick and twisted kind of way.
Be assured that Elijah emerged from this experience a better person. Before you go reporting me to CPS for this action - let me just give you their phone number:

Check back in on Wednesday for Confessions of a Childhood Actress Part 2.
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Jenn said...

OMG, poor little guy. That bottom lip just killed me!

I can totally relate - my little guy LOVES U2 (and is really mad we aren't taking him to see them - again - he thinks the tribute band he saw was the real deal.)

he was also similarly upset when we saw John Prine without him last month.

Oh, just don't let him see this - there will be hell to pay when its time for him to pick out your nursing home!

jennyonthespot said...

Oh. My. Stinkin'. WORD!!!! I had warning... background...and I was still unprepared!I wanted to reach in and just snuggle yer lil feller... yet... I could not NOT laugh! Pretty much, you rock for capturing that vid. Girl... are we sisters? Cuz I TOTALLY would have done that!

Oh nellie... so funny... poor guy... LOL!!! Thanks so much for sharing his heartbreak with us ;)

jubilee said...

Devastation. Poor little man! BG

mannfamily said...

by far my favorite hagen post.