Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 Year Anniversary Trip - Part 1

Pin It Now! Shiloh and I are in Carlsbad celebrating our 10 year anniversary (actual anniversary is May 9th). My Mom spent the night with the kids the first night (sunday) and babysitters extraordinaire Trisha and April are watching the kids until we return on Thursday evening. And my Dad is taking Elijah to and from preschool to make things easier for all.

The trip got off to somewhat of a rocky start, but it really didn't matter because I have no child responsibilities!!!! As I walked on the plane down the aisle I saw at least 3 people (including one flight attendant) look down at my belly and give me a dirty look. Was I just imagining it? When we sat down I mentioned it to Shiloh (who was behind me as we went to our seats) and he confirmed what I saw. The dirty looks for Mama. Weird. So much for flying the friendly skies. I mean, is there something wrong with a pregnant lady with a large belly wearing a bikini top on an airplane?

Shiloh sat on the aisle and I sat in the middle and stinky man sat at the window. He wreaked so badly of cigarette smoke - a fragrance that every prego adores. And on our 1 hour flight he ordered 2 beers to further enhance his B.O. smokey self. By the time we landed I was pretty nauseous and ready to get off the plane.

It took us an hour to get our rental car (15 minutes to take shuttle to Enterprise and 45 minute wait in line for our car). But it really didn't bother me to much because I was not chasing kids around or changing dirty diapers.

Once we got our car we headed for Mama's Bakery & Lebanese Deli - a delicious hole in the wall Lebanese restaurant that Shiloh's Dad introduced him to. The food was so good, but my husband was not.

After we left the restaurant Shiloh said to me, "You know I feel bad for you and your pregnancy. I was looking at you at the restaurant and even your arms are affected by pregnancy. They just don't look the same. They just look different."
"What are you trying to say HONEY? Thanks for the empathy about my ARM FAT! Great compliment."

"No, no, I am not saying that. It's just, uh, that you have like a layer of extra nutrients."

"Extra nutrients? What does that mean? What is your point in saying that? Why would you even say that? I know I have an extra layer of fat everywhere, but why would you say that to your hormonal pregnant wife ... on your 10 year anniversary trip?"

Way to start it off with a bang, Shiloh. Nice work. He will never live it down. I keep bringing it up (using the word "nutrients" of course) every few hours because it really is so classic.

He needs to read a book or something. Maybe he could have his own reality show to teach men how to romance the ladies.

We recovered (although Shiloh will NEVER recover from his foot, I mean, all of his limbs in his mouth) and met Shiloh's Mom and husband (it was a surprise for his mom)at the Chart House in Cardiff. Afterwards we surprised Shiloh's Dad and his family by popping in for a visit at their house.

That was day one. But there is more good stuff to come... here is a preview. I am offering more fine prize money of 3 billion dollhairs to whoever can figure out where we are in this photo.
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...LOL! I think you look pretty fantastic for 4 pregnancies. Geez, I am still carrying my nutrients from almost 2years ago!

Unknown said...

are you at a see's candy factory? thats where I want to be!!!

Yes those pesky nutrients...mine won't go away and I dance over 12 hours a week for the past 2.5 years. I guess I'm just plain nutritous. Can't wait for the rest of the story...Tiff

Rosalyn said...

I was 10 months pregnant with Jim, mid July, at the fair, people constantly asking if I was having multiples, we ran into Jim's co-worker and her family. She'd just had baby number 5 and as we walked (I waddled) away, he said, "Wow, she sure doesn't look like she's had five kids?"
ooooops. Hang in there little sista'

Rosalyn said...

Clarifying, I was NOT pregnant with Jim. I was pregnant, at the fair with Jim etc.....

Anonymous said...

HA HA oh man I have no idea where you all went but you guys crack me up!

Amy Taylor said...

you look like your at the factory where Laverne & Shirley worked! LOL!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

"Extra nutrients" is absolutely a classic! It's funny to read, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time! :)