Thursday, October 26, 2006

In Maui

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We are having so much fun in Maui! Elijah learned to boogie board with his Dad yesterday. It was so fun to watch. Random people were taking photos of the 2 1/2 year old riding the waves.

Elijah loved riding the waves even after he wiped out as you can see in this progression of photos. If the organization of the photos is tweeked it is because of your browser. For some reason the mac browsers are making things funny. Just click on a photo to enlarge.

Feel free to click on comments and leave me some because comments are fun and "pills are good". Name the movie the quote is from and I will give you... nothing. Just wanted to make sure you were actually reading this.

Yesterday we went to the aquarium, Lahaina and a major windsurfing, surfing and kite surfing break. The weather has been perfect and the food has been delicious.

Lydia had another good blowout. This time it was at the mall and it got on my shirt. Fortunately, my Mom had just bought me a new shirt and I was able to make the switch. Thus, I did not have to walk around with poop shirt, although that would have been fun.
We just got home from dinner. One of the hotel staff said Aloha to Elijah. He replied "Aloha to you too." Love that kid.

We are staying in a villa, which is like a 2 bedroom condo with a kitchen, living room and its own little pool. The other day one of Elijah's staff buddies was talking to him just outside our villa. Elijah told the guy, "We have our own building." I think he could get used to resort life. Too bad it has to end on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon. Dumb and Dumber. Wendy, you are sooooo hilarious! You definitely have the gift of comedic writing (among your 9 million other gifts).... I think you should have a column in a major newspaper. Can I be your agent?
xo, Liss

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that "blog" rhymes with "smog". That was easy. -Cam
ps. All that time in the water and my nephew's not standing up on a surfboard yet? Did y'all do ANYTHING productive with your time?

TL said...

Been to the windsurfing beach at Lahaina. Sweet. Did you get offered any drugs? We did like three times when we were in that area. But I guess we didn't have kids with us then. . .

Anonymous said...

Wow... the shot of Elijah on Shilo's chest is a classic! I love the composure and the direction they are looking. Great shot.

Now for the 'play dough'... are you sure that's not from Lydia's earlier 'blow out'? Sure looks to be so.

Later, Karl