Sunday, December 24, 2006

America's Funniest Mom?

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They never called. They never wrote. I am not the Funniest Mom in America ... at least not officially. But if you think I am, just send me some money and maybe it will amount to the $50K I woulda coulda shoulda won in the contest. Dang it. I was really looking forward to a career in stand-up comedy. The late nights, jeers from the crowd, humiliation, low pay. Wait a minute. That sounds like motherhood. Maybe I already am a stand up comic. Hmm...
Now back to poop. We went to visit my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Mike in Arroyo Grande (central coast) for 2 days. The dog below is their Labradoodle, Stella, in mid-run chasing a frisbee. But doesn't it look like she is pooping?

And there I am in my flannel pajamas for the ride home. Apparently, I only brought one pair of jeans and they got spit up all over them (Thanks Shiloh). This is just how I roll.

P.S. I may not have won America's Funniest Mom, but did you know that I won Time Magazine's "Person of the Year!" Pin It Now!


Rev_Bone said...

what in the.... I thought I won "Person of the year"...?