Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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We have our first meeting this Friday with the local agency for the home study. Which by the way, it's not like some group study session with fellow adopters. Basically a social worker comes out to your house a couple of times and makes sure you don't have a pet lion or cockroaches running wild. Don't worry folks - we're boarding Lulu the lion at the Stokes house until we get the thumbs up from the social worker. We have to send a photo of our family to the adoption agency - do you think this one works? It's the best we could do.

And now for some Elijahisms:
I told him he could watch Monsters Inc while we watched the UCLA game. I told him that is was one he had never seen before. But then he reminded me (from A YEAR AGO!) that he saw part of it at Noah's house, but then Noah turned it off because he was scared. "Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Wow Elijah, you remember everything. You are so smart."
Then about 30 seconds later Elijah casually replies. "God and Jesus know everything. And me."
Isn't that how Satan got his start? We're in for it.

Today was reading him the Bible story of Zacchaeus. After I finished Elijah said. "We will play with Zacchaeus when we die."
I asked him who taught him that. "I taught myself that."
Later he said, "We will play soccer in heaven." I have no idea where he got that either. If anyone wants to claim that one, leave a comment.
And then there's Lydia. She is just sweet and cute and humble... because she cannot talk yet.

As if you needed more of the Hagen family - I posted more pics on our homepage. Click the link below if you have no life.
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    Anonymous said...

    Hi Wendy,

    Ran across your Blog while updating mine. :)Such a Darling Family, and you have such a way of writing about them. God Bless you and the family.