Monday, May 14, 2007

Am I A Soccer Mom?

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So much to post, but so little time. Lucky for you. Let the photos do the talking. However, I must pose the question: Am I now a soccer mom? I got a minivan for Mother's Day. We were going to need one for the next kid. Speaking of the next kid, we don't really have an update on the adoption. We are just plugging away, doing our part. We had our first interview with the social
worker, went to an all day seminar on attachment, filled out a ton of paperwork, got fingerprinted, passports, etc. No news on Moses being officially adoptable yet or the agency in Kansas getting licensed by the Philippines.
Okay, back to minivans and soccer.
Wikipedia says regarding the soccer mom,
"In North American social, cultural and political discourse, soccer mom (and less used soccer dad for the male equivalent) refers broadly to a demographic group of women with school-age children."
Hey, that sounds like me. But wait, it also says this:
"and is associated with modern material conveniences such as the SUV and cell phone."
Not me. No SUV. Maybe that is the cooler soccer mom car. Hmm...
And Wiki fans, there is more,
"The term can carry pejorative connotations, where the soccer mom may denote a woman who is aloof and has little responsibility or occupation, other than providing basic transportation for her children.
HEY, that's me! Just the wheels! My kids affectionately call me "Driver lady." Actually, that would be kind of cool if they did.

"In feminist circles, the soccer mom may refer to a woman who has given up on a promising and successful career, particularly after having some early aspirations and achievements." Oh yes, gone are all aspirations and achievements. Children are simply worthless commodities! I guess the people who connotated this have never seen the fruits of my labor. TWO WORDS PEOPLE: PINK EYE!

And lest you think that my current career isn't challenging, Elijah has pink eye too.
And this next part is my favorite.
"In this context this may carry the meaning of someone of diminished individual character. However, the word is not entirely negative, those described as soccer moms sometimes take pride in the term as affirmation that they are dedicated to providing attention, recreation and positive social contact for their children."
Basically it is says, soccer Moms are not complete losers. They still have some character left. Just ask them. They affirm themselves. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough... I think I can." That's the mantra I say as I chuck all aspirations, achievements and character out the window... of my minivan.

Okay, I wrote more than I had ASPIRED to write. I must have dug deep for that.
Here are some pics from Mother's Day. Went to my parents' house.

Many of you know about the peacocks that roam freely around our neighborhood. This dude came by to wish us a Happy Mother's Day.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I signed Elijah up for soccer this summer. Pin It Now!


Bryan & Alison Francis said...

I am loving the new wheels....word on the street is the mini-van is the new Suburban/Tahoe. So enjoy soccer mom!

andythemadsen said...

Chili Palmer: What is that?
Rental Car Attendant: It's an Oldsmobile Silhouette.
Chili Palmer: I ordered a Cadillac.
Rental Car Attendant: Oh, well, you got the Cadillac of minivans.