Saturday, September 15, 2007

AVP in San Francisco

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Today the Hagens went on an adventure to San Francisco to watch some Pro Beach Volleyball. My friends from UCLA, Jenny Johnson Jordan and Annett Davis, are on the tour and we got the chance to see them play. Jenny and Annett and I used to be in a Bible study together and were involved with Athletes in Action. You can tell from these pics of them playing, that I would be able to pretty much dominate them on the court (and I haven't had the heart to tell them), but instead I chose to keep a low profie.

It was a beautiful day (I got burnt on the right side of my face and neck - it looks awesome) and the kids really enjoyed it.. Hot. Wait, did I say the kids really enjoyed it? What I meant was, Elijah really enjoyed all the junk food he ate. He especially liked the chocolate ice cream cone.

So much so that when I told him one more bite, he clung on to the cone for dear life and tried to just inhale the thing. Shiloh literally had to wrestle it out of his hands. He WOULD NOT let go of that cone. So as it was ripped in half as Elijah kept trying to get more bites and was screaming as if somebody was kidnapping his firstborn child. Shiloh had to remove him from the stands so Elijah could recover from his loss.

And Lydia just wanted to cruise around the whole time. Thankfully, Shiloh managed the kids most of the time so I was able to kick back and watch some incredible volleyballing.
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Amy Taylor said...

Who gives their child an ice cream cone and then takes it away from them??????