Monday, September 03, 2007

Moore Visits

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Don't get all excited - Michael Moore is not doing a documentary on my family... although he has been pursuing us. My friend, Brooke Moore, and her family came to visit us this Labor Day weekend. I met Brooke when I lived in "The Barn" in Shadow Hills my freshman year of high school when I was living down there for my acting career. I met Brooke when big ruffle dresses were cool and coral dresses were still not cool. You must be wondering, where is she now? She lives in Valencia with her husband, Aaron, and their boys Ezra, Jonas and Silas.

And yes, we only allow visitors who have kids with Biblical names. Oh, and they have to be good jumpers... at BART stations.

And their husbands must be to push two strollers at once in San Francisco, up hill, against the wind, in rollerblades and spy glasses.

And their kids must be able to do sea lion role playing.

But most of all they have to be able to put up with our crazy family... because we are CRAZY witha capital CRAZE.

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