Monday, October 01, 2007


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In my previous post entitled "Potty Talk" I forgot to mention that the love of potty talk is inherited from the Father. Do I really need to say more?
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ForHisGlory said...

Let Shiloh know that the Entire Staley family is thrilled to see he is still the same old Shiloh! I am sure with much more wisdom heheh aka the farts are just getting more and more like STINK(John Staley) Ok maybe he can hold his own title.
I just want you to know Wendy that I keep up on your blog even though I havn't posted on my own. I love you so much I get your humor more than you can imagine I wish we lived closer I know we would be great friends. Life has so many heavy moments why not find a laugh in the middle right? Love you so much! Tiffany

Amy Taylor said...

Not sure what's funnier. The underwear or the hat.