Saturday, October 27, 2007

Still Standing

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This is Grams (Shiloh's Mom) and Grandpa Dan's townhome in Fallbrook. Below is the email I got from them yesterday:

"Pastor Gary is working with a group of pastor in Fallbrook to prepare for the return of Fallbrook residents. Because of this, he was able to get through on Wednesday afternoon to view our property. I've attached two photos that he sent. The fire came right up the back of our unit, but only burnt trees and brush. I saw the flames coming over the hill behind our unit the morning we evacuated. The ivy and grass near by look untouched. I was told that one of the sheriffs and another individual took a stand behind our home and fought the fire back to save our end of the complex. Please thank all those who prayed for us. We feel very blessed, and God was gracious to us. However, our hearts grieve for those who suffered loss."

You can see the burned trees behind their house. Somehow the fire rejected the ivy. Man, even fire is afraid of ivy. Once you've got ivy, you really can't get rid of it. We've tried.
They got back in their house this evening. It is pretty smokey inside and they don't have electricity, but they are sure thankful it is still standing.

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