Monday, November 19, 2007

Lake Tahoe

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Last weekend we went up to Tahoe...without the kids! That's right folks, I had two kid-free weekends in a row. Now that's good medicine. I do love my kids, but I like a little freedom now and then as well. My cousins, Pat & Pam

live in Reno and just bought an old motel in Tahoe. They gutted the main house (that used to be "the office") and that is where we stayed. The motel rooms (and it is so cool - looks like the Bates Motel right now) are going to be torn down and they are going to build two triplexes and sell them.

As you can tell from the kitchen, this is no rustic cabin. The place was dialed in! We drove up there on Friday night and Kevin and Heather Yamashita joined us on Saturday morning. We had a fabulous time (thanks Pat & Pam!) highlighted by some modernly roasted s'mores.

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