Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet Joe

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Joe lives across the street. He is old. I am not sure how old, but he it seems like he is ninety. He sits in his garage everyday and feeds the squirrels and watches the cars go by and waits for the mailman. Oh yeah, and he has an orange bat with duct tape on it. How cool is that? Sometimes his wife, "Hop" joins him.

We usually go over and say hi to him when we are playing outside. One time Elijah saw Joe standing across the street and shouted out with passion, "Joe!" Then he ran across the street and literally lept into his arms (or attempted to anyway) before I could stop him. Could have killed the guy. He is pretty fragile. But he survived the love from Elijah. And one of my favorite things is that Joe always refers to Elijah as a girl... no matter how many times I have mentioned that he is a boy. He says to Elijah, "How's my girl?"
Bless his heart.

Yesterday when we were outside Joe was not there. Lydia was really upset by that. She kept staring and pointing at Joe's garage wondering where he was. Pin It Now!


Sharon said...

I think that is just about the sweetest blog I've ever seen. :)
Happy Thanksgiving to your fam Wen!

Rosalyn said...

You are so funny Wen! Your girls are a delight too!