Friday, December 14, 2007

Puking and Cravings

Pin It Now! So the nausea and the puking began a few weeks ago. Big bummer. I am just hoping it won't last the whole pregnancy like it did with Lydia and Elijah.

With my other pregnancies, I was not a huge food craver. I just had a few peculiarities.

With Elijah, I started eating cheeseburgers again. I really hadn't eaten them since high school. We are not a fast food family, but when we go to In and Out every once and a while. I used to get grilled cheese there. But when I was pregnant with Elijah, that never filled me up so I started getting it with the meat. With Lydia, I started wanting pepperoni pizza, but I don't like pepperoni. So I would take off the pepperoni, but somehow I liked the spicy aftertaste it left on the pizza.

But I have a new one with this baby and it is a doosie. Bean and cheese burrito from Taco Bell. It is 9:40pm and in the middle of the Warriors. v. Lakers game and my wonderful husband just went to TB (because that is what you are likely to get from there) and got me some burritos. I figure if I get food poisoning from them (like the last time I ate there 3 years ago on a road trip to So Cal on the 5 freeway - AWFUL) then I won't even know it. I can just chalk it up to the pregnancy.

Just for fun, here is a peek into my eats today.

Breakfast: Carnation instant breakfast and a bagel with cream cheese and egg on it (but I donated that all back to the earth)
Lunch: Round Table Pizza (I called shiloh at work and told him I had to have it. He delivered). And yes it was pepperoni, but I took those nasties off.
Snack: Some bell pepper slices
Dinner: Homemade chicken noodle soup (thanks Mom), a piece of toast, spinach salad
9:30 snack: 2 bean burritos from Tuberculosis, I mean Taco Bell

They say you are supposed to eat 300 extra calories "for the baby." I am not a calorie counter, but I think those losers are wrong. Or maybe I am brewing twins in there. Or sextuplets.

And that's only 8 weeks (I think). Pin It Now!


Alison Francis said...

Hopefully the bean burritos stayed down, although it woudl probably not be a bad thing if they didn't. Looks like you may have another big baby brewing in there. Just keep up the calories :)

ForHisGlory said...

I love you!!!!! Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I was hoping you would not be sick this time. Your cravings of TB sound good. :)

Rosalyn said...

Your tummy is almost as big as mine! I'm not pregnant tho. Love you bunches Wen!

Brian said...

i think you have a case of the "pregnancy crazies..." because you seem slightly more nuts than usual.

Libby said...

So bummed to hear the nausea is back, but I have to say, the photos and description...priceless.
Blessings on this journey.


Cami said...

Twins would be cool... as long as it's you and not me :) How DOES one recover after twins??? Sorry about the pukage, although I guess if you throw one meal up, the 9:30pm replace the earlier loss, so you're all good! Happy holiday feasting! :)