Saturday, January 19, 2008

Star Wars Birthday Party

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Today we celebrated Elijah's 4th Birthday (his real bday is tomorrow) at our house with about 20 kids. That's right, 20 kids. And yes, I am crazy. We gave Elijah a choice: Disneyland with your family or Star Wars party with your friends. The little extrovert is just like his mom.

Fortunately the weather was nice so the kids were able to play outside. They had an asteroid hunt and they made their own light sabers.

The amazing thing is that light sabers (both homemade and store bought) were flying all over the place. Major galactic battles going on in the Hagen backyard. And there were no casualties ... except for Shiloh.

Originally Elijah requested a cake with Darth Maul on it. I said okay. Then I looked at a photo of Darth Maul. Looks like a caricature of Satan - horns and all. So I told him that was too evil and scary for the younger kids. I was having a hard time figuring out what to do for the cake because I knew I was not capable of making one and to have a really cool one made was too expensive. Shiloh detected my stress (pregnant psycho wife) and took over the project. They ended up picking out one at Costco (for $15.99) and buying some Star Wars stuff to put on it. At the last minute, Elijah decided he wanted the rainbow cake instead of the balloon cake. Elijah was all about having a 3-D look (thus the raised rainbow). When Shiloh picked up the cake and brought it home I laughed pretty hard. We went from Satan cake to cake with HUGE rainbow across it. And then in true Hagen hodge podge fashion, piled a bunch of random stuff on it. Hey, it's not winning any awards, but it was cheap and Elijah liked it.

We ended the festivities with a screening of the pod race from Episode One. Most of the kids were completely engaged.

And thanks to my Mom who did all the food!!! Without here I would have been serving water and bread and just told the kids it was Star Wars prison.

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Anonymous said...

Well, that is just awesome,Check out Lydia's do..she is such a cutie. I love the little costumes, her :)

Meghan said...

OK you are the coolest parents/family/kids ever-that is like the most awesome things every.... I am loving lydia's costume ha ha. So cool