Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Cal Trip AGAIN - Part 2

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We left the snow of Arrowhead to the sun and waves of San Clemente. Shiloh's Mom and step dad gave us their timshare for the week. We had an awesome view of the pier. And this was no winter weather, people. I surely was not prepared for 70 degrees and 4 days literally at the beach.

On Sunday, Shiloh's Mom and Dan came to hang with us. On Monday, Caleb's family joined us for beach action.

Elijah loved building sand castles and running in the water until his lips turned blue. Lydia loved the swings and pointing to the sand on her feet and saying "Icky."

Tuesday was our family day. We beached it. Wednesday we visited the Brown family in Oceanside. Thursday (Valentine's Day) we went to the mall because it was cold and a bit rainy. Friday Shiloh's Mom and Dan came back to play with us. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night we stayed up until 1am+ playing Settlers of Catan (our new favorite game) with Tim and Kati Yee. Saturday, Meghan and Adam came for a visit as did Shiloh's Dad and Step Mom, Robin.

We also ran into my cousins Travis and Colin at the beach.

Sunday, we checked out and headed for Newport where Keri and Shiloh set up a bday brunch for me with my So Cal girlfriends.

Then we drove home and saw no police chases.

And I have added a lot more pics to my gallery if you want to check them out.
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Bill and Jenn said...

I was so bummed to miss your birthday lunch down in So Cal. I hope you had a good birthday-- and a great week down South!
p.s.- Settlers is Bill and my favorite game, too. Many a late night with friends.... Maybe next time you're down south we can arrange a game night!
love ya,

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you've caught the Settlers bug. Scott and I discovered it in seminary. Can you picture these two competitive freaks playing? He's almost been on the couch a few nights- but then I won!