Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shiloh's Bday. The Zoo.

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I guess I am behind in my blogging. Last week we went to this fabulous restaurant in Berkeley for Shiloh's bday. I ordered Elijah some hard boiled eggs ... or so I thought.

Despite my posing, I loved my meal. I am only throwing up every few days now. But the problem is that if I don't throw up then I feel nauseous for several hours in the morning. I am now 6 months along.

Last week me and the kids and Danika and Owen went to the Oakland zoo. We were careful not to harass any tigers (because I am usually tempted to do so, right?) But I told Lydia that if she could climb over the fence she could ride the elephant.

Lydia picked up a few germs on the rail watching the elephants.

But just to be sure she got enough, the kids went on the merry-go-round.

Now all of us are sick ... except Lydia. Okay, so it wasn't the zoo because that was over a week ago. Pin It Now!


Meghan said...

ok so Elijah's breakfast is the coolest looking breakfast I have ever seen....very medieval times =)