Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Easter Egg Hunt

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On Monday some preschool friends had an Easter Egg Hunt at the park. I didn't even realize until my Dad told me that it was St. Patrick's Day. That's just weird. Anyway, all the kids had a great time... except Lydia when she didn't want to go down the slide with her brother. Oh yeah, and Elijah didn't think it so great when he got all his candy-filled eggs taken away (and into the trash) for sneaking some candy three times after he was told to stay away. Ouch, I know. He looks forward to the Sunday hunt at the grandparents' house where he can rebuild his stash.

On the way to church Elijah told me that God has the whole word in his hands. "So he is not way up in the clouds mom, right? He is underneath it holding it."

He also asked how people learn to drive. I told him that usually someone's parents' teach them. Not something you learn to do at school. He said, "Something you learn if you are home schooled?" Clever kid.

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ForHisGlory said...

I love the moments you see the Lord revealing Himself to my kids it is precious and priceless to see you rejoicing in this as well.
We are dealing with the whole stealing thing on the Morse front with the youngest,tuff stuff. Love you

Anonymous said...

C'mon! The kids begging to be homeschooled Wen...Heck if I'm doing I'm living proof anyone can!