Sunday, April 27, 2008

10 Year Anniversary Post - Part 2

Pin It Now! Did I mention we stayed at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad? Nicest place we've ever stayed out. Gorgeous. Here is the view from our room.

So on Monday (day 2), I got a massage. Then we drove to the beach (1 minute from massage place) and looked out at the ocean where I commented, "I have never heard of any shark attacks in San Diego, have you?" Then a few days later...
Shark Attack in San Diego.

Then we visited Shiloh's 95 year-old Grandpa Phil at his assisted living home. Ate some food. Rented "Juno", "There Will Be Blood" and "August Rush". It was my third time seeing "Juno" - love it. Shiloh thought it was okay. I thought August Rush was okay. Shiloh liked it a little more than me. The next night we watched "There Will Be Blood." Hated it in so many ways. Maybe not quite bad as the worst movie ever - "The Good Shepherd," but close. Pin It Now!