Monday, May 12, 2008

The Failed Interview

Pin It Now! I had a good conversation the other night with Elijah regarding the job of a Mom. I asked him, "What do Moms do?" "What did he think was most important to me?" "What was the best part about being a Mom?" (Incidentally, he answered, "Having babies." I guess he has never seen a Mom in labor, but he hears his mom puking all the time, so I am not sure where that answer came from. I had to clear that one up for him.) And a few more. His answers were precious.

So I tried to recreate the interview on camera on Mother's Day. He told me I could only ask him two questions (as per his manager and publicist). He was not in the mood since he had already sung me my Mother's Day song. So here are the uncut results of the interview. Elijah - RAW, UNCENSORED:

And here are some cool pics of Lydia I took on Saturday.

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