Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shiloh's Redemption

Pin It Now! In reading my post about Shiloh commenting on my extra nutrients, one might began to feel sorry for my husband. How could I, his ever loving, supportive and pregnant (AKA EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE) wife broadcast his verbal mishaps to the world? Stop right there. No sympathy necessary. On the contrary, I think his comments have elevated him to some sort of demi-god status amongst the husband population.

He is getting emails of praise from husbands around the globe thanking him for making them look like better husbands. Kind of like my "Bad Hagen Photos" where I got all kinds of, "Thanks for making me feel better about myself since you look so ugly in all those photos." It's kind of a compliment/insult all wrapped into one, but we'll take 'em here at the Hagen house.

But for the few men and women out there who are appalled at Shiloh's lack of discretion with his fragile wife, let me offer some redemptive photos and commentaries. The other day I went to work (at Alain Pinel with my fam) and Shiloh stayed home with the kids. Well, super Dad didn't actually stay home. He took the kids to San Fran for a little adventure. Here are some pics:

Our actual anniversary was yesterday (May 9th). He took me out to a nice dinner. Okay so I set it all up, got the babysitter and used a gift card that my Mom gave us. But he agreed to go and everything. After all, we already celebrated at the Penta water factory.

For real though, he got me the ultimate, most awesome Belgian Waffle Maker. I LOVE it. He made waffles for dinner tonight.

(And I won't tell you that on our 8th anniversary he got me a vacuum.) I wasn't really planning on getting him anything for budgetary reasons and because we did celebrate in San Diego, but because of his waffle (or as Lydia calls them "awful") surprise I ran over to Long's drugs and got him a card and an electronics magazine called "Gadgets." Now who's the romantic one?

We have had 10 awesome years of marriage. And the reason I can blog about and laugh at his nutriotic comments is because usually he is not noticing (or at least not verbalizing) my weaknesses. But instead he is always telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me and what a great job I do as a wife and Mom, etc. I wouldn't trade him or his nutrients for anyone else.

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Ted and Teddi said...

We just want you to know how much fun we have keeping up with you two via your blog. We never have this much fun in Texas! Love to you both.