Thursday, July 24, 2008

Due Date

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This is me today at lunch for yet another "last meal."

Incidentally, I was induced with Lydia and Elijah for several reasons - the main one being that I had pregnancy induced Thrombocytopenia, which is when your platelets (blood clotters) drop. When I was induced, I was just at the cut off (100,000) for receiving the epidural. I had to go on predinsone at about 34 weeks to slow down their downward progression. The inductions worked like a charm ... but I had an epidural. And I love them. And epidurals will always be close to my heart. But this time I am going to try and push this sucker out without one. Thus, I am a little more hesitant to in induce.

I HAD Thrombocytopenia this time as well. My platelets started at 210,000 then went to 170,000 and then 130,000 and then WHAM! Serious answer to prayer - they went up to 148,000 and there is NO MEDICAL explanation. Prior to my appointment, I told God I needed a boost in my faith and if He raised my platelets that would help me out. Not kidding. Anyway, that is kind of a whole other story. And if you are interested you can check out my other blog, (but I don't update it very often) for more details on my spiritual journey.

Anyway, I decided to try to go without the epidural this time. That way I would probably not have to go on prednisone because you can deliver with lower platelets - just can't get the epidural. And besides the fact that prednisone (a steroid) has side effects and is not really good for you it also increases yeast (like an antibiotic does) in your body which may have contributed to my nursing/thrush problems. Then God went and fixed that problem, but I get more hippy everyday so if I can do it without a drug in me I am sure it would be healthier for me and baby and MAYBE that will help breastfeeding too. BUT I am not looking to get any trophies or anything so if it is too painful, I will have them shoot me up. So don't hold your breath. Wait, that's what I am supposed to tell myself in labor, "Breathe." So there you have it.

On another entry (this one is getting way too wordy and boring), I will tell you where we got the name Jordis Leslie. If you google "Jordis" you will probably figure it out. Here's a hint, it's not biblical. Pin It Now!


Amy Taylor said...

After Jordis Unga???

meghan Sarpalius said...

hmm Adam researched it and found that the name (in Norwegian) means "Sword Maiden". So yeah thats what we are guessing ha ha?

Wendy Hagen said...

Yes. We saw the show. liked her name. Shiloh swears he has heard it before, but can't come up with a person or timeframe or anything to back that statement up. It is hard to admit that you found a name on a reality show.

Wendy Hagen said...

Clarification. So we heard the name on"Rock Star INXS" and later found out it means "Sword Maiden" or "Sword godess" or something super spiritual like that. Is this going to screw her up for life? At least Elijah will think she is cool with a name like "Sword Maiden." And the middle name is my Dad's name and my Aunt's name.

Anonymous said...

Danville could use a good hoppie mama! Miss

Libby said...

The best piece of advice I got (which made it possible for me to not have an epidural with induction) was to let your body (your uterus in particular) do the work and try to relax and just breathe through the contractions. You can do it--even when you think you can't! My recovery was 1000 times better.