Sunday, July 27, 2008

We're Home

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Me and jordis got home today ... greeted by sick children. Lydia and Elijah are snotsville and Lydia has a fever. Lovely. But they were stoked that their baby sister is here. Needless to say things are a bit hectic for the moment (I am sure that will change ... in 20 years) so let me just say that when I get some time I will blog the event from my perspective.
For now, I will sum it up by saying, "WOW, that hurt."
Here are a few more pics.

This is Jordis

This is Lydia.

Mom and Lydia

Mom and Jordis

I need to dig up some old photos of Elijah
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meghan sarpalius said...

awww sorry to hear the kids are sick =( Jordis is beautiful and we are so excited for you guys!! love ya and can't wait to hear all the painful details h aha (you are my hero)

Amy Taylor said...

You are not allowed to look that good after childbirth. Maybe it's the drug-free FAST labor thing. I looked my best after Dane.
Good job Wendy! She is precious. Can't wait to see her in real life.

Anonymous said...

Wow Wendy, you are a pretty mommy! :)