Sunday, September 28, 2008

And there's more

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Elijah started puking this morning.

So he and his puke partner, Lydia, watched shows and puked until 3pm. Then Lydia took a 3 1/2 hour nap. Elijah has puked several more times and now is in bed. Lydia has not hurled since before her nap and is in good spirits. Is this too much information?

Here is Shiloh cleaning the bathroom ... again. Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

Geez....I have never heard of such a pukearama. How awesome that your buddies support you like that! :)

Isabel Lau said...

I just went through all of September and can't believe a) that you find the time to post; b) that the cats can be so jealous; c) that you can't get a break on the illnesses that keep hitting your household; and, d) that you have managed to keep a sense of humor over it all. That is probably what is keeping you sane.

Hug in there...I'm praying the worst is behind you.


Rosalyn said...

yakity yak don't come back! Maybe we should in YOU for dessert. Maybe you aren't really sick, but you dishes and SPOONS are too BIG!!! So Papa Bear size! Love you bunches!

Rosalyn said...

I meant inVITE and I didn't mean you I mean youR.
what a day.

mel said...

ugh...i can't imagine what you guys have been going through! no fun! Did Shiloh manage to escape the plauge?

Rosalyn said...

the top pic is just classic. You didn't even need to write anything. CLASSIC!