Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Garden of Hagen

Pin It Now! I started a small garden about 3 months ago. I planted some strawberries and I was feeling good about them. They looked good and strong. And they produced 2 small strawberries. Many people told me that strawberries were hard to grow and barely yielded anything. Now I am a believer. People said you get a few berries and a nice green plant and suck up a lot of water. I don't need any more green plants in my life and we are in mandatory water rationing here. Bye-bye.

I also am growing cucumbers and have gotten several cucumbers out of one plant although for some reason half of the plant is brown and shriveling.

And then there are my bell peppers. Well, they said it can't be done. Another toughy. Once again, started strong. Feeling good. I potted 2 plants in one container and used some organic plant steroid that is supposed to make your garden grow. And it did. It is amazing to compare it with my other pot of 4 plants without the Balco plant enhancement. The drugged plant has many green leaves and many peppers... however, just as with any drug, there are side effects people. I think the bell peppers are overwhelmed. It's like they are in a theater with a max capacity of 200 peeps, but there are 400 peeps! What is a pepper to do except get fungus on it? You can see the brown spot in the picture below. Actually, I am not sure that it is fungus nor am I sure it is from the Balco scandal. Any gardeners out there with some input for me?

As for my other bell pepper pot it grew me beautiful yellow bell peppers that I had in my salad tonight. BUT there were only 4 of them. That's a lot of work and water for a little pepper. Any gardening tips would be appreciated.

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Terpstra East said...

Looks like maybe it got a little sun scorched? Peppers really are delicate little buggers in intense heat like we've had. Did you know that Target sells organic veggie and herb plants? Yes, it's true. Planted a bunch this year and they did just fine. I highly recommend growing your own herbs to add to all your cooking... kicks it up a notch. That sounded like Emeril. I don't even like Emeril. Strike the comment from record. But seriously, they make things yummy. I'm impressed that things are still alive with a newborn in the household consuming all your time. My garden is quite neglected and I don't even have the excuse of someone demanding the milk truck (twin tankers... whichever you prefer...) every couple hours. And we're waiting for playtime... this is your formal invite :)