Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia and Rockets

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Shiloh and Elijah (and now the cat) are on book 3 of the Chronicle of Narnia series. It is comforting to know that the TV is not the only thing that creates a catatonic state in Elijah. Shiloh has admitted that he is just as sucked in to these stories as Elijah. Shiloh was bummed that they were not going to be able to finish the book last night since Elijah spent the night at Owen Stoke's house.

Elijah made a rocket at school. So I made one (well, not really. I just got a paper towel roll and added tin foil and ribbon) for Lydia and added "streamers" to Elijah.

Elijah named his rocket the "American Streamer." Lydia's is the "Snoogie Shuttle."

Jordis is 11 weeks old and sweet. She doesn't have a rocket, but she makes explosions out the back.

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meghan sarpalius said...

HA HA I literally laughed out loud for a solid minute at the last comment. Those are some pretty awesome rockets.

Megan (PoopWogParkers) said...

LOL....literally, I just did! Love the explosions comment about Jordis. You have the best way of wording things. :)