Thursday, January 01, 2009

favorite links

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Still trying to figure out what to do with this section . . . do I blog roll it? I mostly read blogs of people I know. Which may or may not be exciting to others. Plus some of my friends update infrequently which makes me want to kick them out of my life forever. I know a lot of people do blog rolls so other people will put them on their blog roll so it's one big happy blog roll family. And you get a bunch of action on your blog. And maybe lots of comments. And comments are fun because they are feedback. And feedback is fun because it means . . .

1. People like what your wrote.
2. People are related to you.
3. People relate to you or what you wrote.
4. People want other people to see their comment and then click on it so they get more action on their blog.
5. People like you. They really like you.
6. You're popular and might be the first one to be picked for the ball wall team in 4th grade.
7. People are actually reading your blog.

But what do you do when someone puts you on their blog roll, but you don't read their blog and so don't want to put them on your blog roll? Perhaps their blog is boring or trying to be funny, but really isn't funny? What then? Feelings get hurt. Birds' heads fall off. Not good.

What to do, what to do. Here you go for now. Just a few links. For the bloggers I don't know I usually just drop in from time to time. There are only a few stranger bloggers that I have on my RSS feed.

Fit Moms Fit Kids Club (I do a post over there once a month)

Friends of Mine. Who I actually know. In real life. And historically they have blogged at least once a weekish.

Blogger friends of mine who I have connected with over the blogosphere. Even met some of them. A little creepy? Perhaps. Welcome to 2011.

People who I don't know at all. And they don't know me at all. But I like their blogs.

And I have several friends who have not made the list. Sorry friends, you need to step up your blogging game. Give me some consistency and you will make the list - which I am sure is a top priority for you. I do have you on my RSS feed and I read when you post every two months and then four in one day. I just don't want to expose my readers to that kind of emotional roller coaster.

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