Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vacation Part 1

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The Hagens loaded up the mini-van to full capacity and plopped the kids in the car at 4am on Dec. 31st. They say you marry someone like your Dad...
We made a pit stop for lunch (and FOUR diaper changes a la POOP!) in Irvine where The Coffee Bean warmly welcomed us. And as a bonus, my great friend (since high school, former college roommate, maid-of-honor in my wedding) Kati, met us there. She lives nearby and was shopping in the same center when we called her. She is pregnant and is now very fearful of what little booties can produce in a short period of time.

Off to Encinitas to Shiloh's brother's house. The kids LOVED playing with their cousins and Shiloh had a got in some good wrestling time with all of them. We played Bananagrams after the kids went to bed. Remind me to do the post (that has been sitting in my head) "You know you are old when..." Here's a teaser - we didn't make it to midnight on New Year's Eve.

New Years Day we went to Shiloh's Dad's house for a visit.

Then off to Shiloh's Mom's house in Fallbrook where we stayed for two nights.
After some serious meals and treats by my Mother-in-Law and added nutrients to our frames, we headed to The Brown household in Oceanside where we received more nutrients. More wrestling. More good times.

Off to our final destination - Newport Coast Villas where we met up with our friends - The Ortiz Family. Russ (68 years old), Stacy (26 years old), Grace (7 years old), Lily (4 years old), Hudson (3 months old).
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Jocelyn said...

Don't you love banangrams! Scrabble for people with ADD.

Ortiz family said...

thank you for my age! but not so sure on Russ'! i feel 68 most days!!

ryan said...

I think you guys visit more friends on vacation than I do in a month. Just so many lucky people in so many places I guess. :) Looks like you guys had a blast!