Friday, March 27, 2009

And the Winner is...

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Must deliver the prize before cat kills it.

The winner of the DMV contest is ... a tie! Congratulations # 9 Christina Johnson and #7 Melissa Larson. The irony is that neither of them drive a minivan, but we do not discriminate here at ... blog.
I am the swing vote and I chose Melissa - because she lives down the street and I can personally deliver the chicken to her. Christina will get a prize in the mail -tickets to Fresno and a guest appearance on the show "Cops" while she's there. Cause Cops is always in Fresno.

And don't hate me Christina - this is a picture of us back in our Hollywood days. Posing for the paparazzi at an Oscar party... with lizards. And we were the normal childhood actors.

Runners up Cami and Michelle received a few votes, but Christina and Melissa were the clear cut winners with seven votes each.

The rest of you can go brag to your husbands that your car is CLEAN.

*Cami - I enjoyed the desk in your car as well as the junk from Christmas.
* Michelle - You really don't belong in this competition, but for the involuntary bug infestation.
* Sara T. - You didn't have a chance cause all your junk was at least organized in baskets and bags.
* Kristin, Sarah M. and Amy (who had just cleaned out their cars) - If you only had another week to get up to par I am sure you would have been more of a threat.
*Lorri - If smells could kill... or at least go out across the Internet, you may have had a chance. But you've got some work to do if you want to win this SERIOUS competition.
*Jenn - With all due respect, this competition was way out of your league. And you can quote me to your husband.

Thanks to all of you for exposing your souls, I mean, cars for the world to see and LOVE. You have empowered billions of DMV owners across the universe to hold their heads high and live in freedom. There is no longer a shame or stigma attached to the well-used family car.
Husbands now know the truth about the dirty family car - it's an epidemic and there is no cure. We are "The Sisterhood of the Traveling DMV." United we stand.

P.S. DO NOT clean out your purses unless you document its contents. Next up will be the purse competition. It's like a random drug test so I cannot tell you when it is officially coming. Just don't resist the natural urge to load that mother down.

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Lorri said...

I lost? My husband will be so proud! Purses, uh? Can't wait!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

You should have never left Hollyweird. That was a stellar performance.

And yah, I knew I wasn't going to be in the running. The pictures didn't show my best work. The middle of winter, when it's raining and I make NO extra trips out to the car, and when I'm carting around more jackets and sweaters than anyone should even own. That's when I'm a true competitor. =)

Can't wait for the purse comp. I need another ego boost =)

Please, oh please don't ever do a laundry room competition. That would make this car competition look like child's play. Remember Monica's closet from Friends? Yah that. Times 100.

Yes. I have issues.

Charis said...

No you can't have some cake but I just set Jordis down and she's crying. Im sorry she might need you. Oh what are you doing? Oh, my mom's writing. oh. ok. bye.

Christina Johnson said...

I'm so honored by this, um, honor! And thanks for posting the lizard pic - keeps me humble and connected to my roots. ;)

mel said...

Wow. I won. I am honored...or ashamed. Not sure which :)
I would like to thank the voters and my girls, Kate and Claire. For without them, this would not have been possible!

Wendy H said...

Mel, would you please video tape an acceptance speech?