Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Confessions of a Childhood Actress - Commercials

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If you missed Part 1 of my childhood confessions click here.

I can't believe that these were the photos that I sent in to Dorie (the modeling/talent agent) when she requested some snapshots. Clearly, I set these up and staged the scene myself. Furthermore, I can't believe my Mom actually sent these in. Why didn't she say, "Honey, these are ridiculous "looks" for you. And the pictures are terrible." I guess we could just call her the UNstage Mom. Looking back, I think she was trying to sabotage my potential career.

On to Part 2:
Despite my pathetic photo submissions, I got signed up with Dorie International and jumped right in. At the time, the agency was located in Dublin which was not too far from our house. I got headshots taken and signed up for a modeling class...because every nine-year-old needs to learn how to work the runway. Seriously. They showed us how to walk like a high fashion model and taught us some different stances and poses. And we paid them for it. Oh, and I loved it. Now days I am pretty sure a legit "talent agent" cannot charge you fees or rip you off with their lame-0 classes. They leave that to the John Robert Powers of the world. Sorry if you signed your kid up for that because someone approached you and told you how beautiful your kid was, how much potential your kid had, how your kid is perfect for television, etc. I hate to break it to you - it's a pick up line. But I am sure your kid is really cute and talented.

I landed a lot of commercials and print jobs right away and had a pretty hoppin' career for a little kid.

I can't remember what this was from... some print job in San Francisco.

This still shot is from a regional Mervyn's commercial. Nice posture and fabulous hair.

On the set of a national Honeycomb commercial. This one got a lot of air time.

This was from a Chip's Ahoy commercial. The commerical never ended up airing. But that was okay because I got a couple boxes of Chips Ahoy cookies out of the deal.

This is me and Patsy Swayze (Patrick's Mom) on the set of a national "Feeling Fun Barbie" commercial. She choreographed the little dance we did.

Here is an article that was in our local newspaper. If you click on it you should be able to read the article - unless you are really old. Then it might be hard. Sorry Shiloh. You can read the copy we have at home. My favorite quote is "I would let people in my house if I was famous because I know how it feels to want to meet people." Ahhh the dreams and wisdom of a fifth grader. Ironically, I married a man who is not blessed with that kind of wisdom and stranger hospitality. Every once in a while I still get fan emails begging for an autograph. Shiloh thinks they are coming from prisoners or something and won't let me even respond OR let them in our house. Whatever.

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Jenn said...

Dorie was my talent agency as well! I never made it as big as you but I did grace the cover of quite a few Macy's ad's. Too funny.

tlswank said...

Did you save your Mervyn's outfit? It's back in style again.

Meghan said...

What is so awesome is that you pretty much look exactly the you EVER age???? Love reading all this stuff.

Glenn, Jen, & Makayla Stinson said...

It's so fun to read these stories...I remember you talking about being on Lassie stories, but I never heard the getting there part!! haha, that is great!!

Tyler said...

Yeah, I did those classes when I was in HS. Somehow, I got roped in to go with my sister. Don't know why, but I know how to stand, walk, and glare like a model. Makes for entertaining friends....has yet to make money. Still waiting to be discovered.