Sunday, April 12, 2009

conversation with Lydia - it all makes perfect sense

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Mom: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Lydia: A flower princess.
Mom: What does a flower princess do?
Lydia:Put the flowers down the grass and walks. And gets down the stairs and dance. That's what they do.
Mom: What do they wear?
Lydia: A flower dress. 
Mom: What color is it?
Lydia: White. Do you know what princess I'm going to be? The pink princess that has pink flowers. Pink dress with two magic pink flowers. Do you know what elijah is gonna be?
He's gonna dress up in a pretty dress. Called snow white the pretty princess. That has a little dress that is magically flowers all around the place.
(She sees me typing) Mom, can you send that to Owen. Can you send that to Casey? Can you send that to Kylie? But I don't think the boys will like princess crowns and princess dresses.

Here's a another one:
Daddy: I love you.
Lydia: I forgive you.
Daddy: I love you.
Lydia: No! I forgive you. Pin It Now!