Thursday, April 23, 2009


Pin It Now! Get your submissions in for the Most Cluttered Purse Competition!!!
I took this photo yesterday of my "heap" from my MCP. As you may notice, I did get rid of some things after I posted the Most Cluttered Purse Contest. But never fear, you may also notice some add ons. Like the lollipops, cheerios, cell phone, water bottle, box of raisins, etc. I am not trying to resubmit or anything (RELAX, I can't really win my own competition... or can I?), but I know some of you (Amy) wanted to see it all in one lovely display. Maybe I am just a sick, disorganized mess of a person, but I really don't think it looks that bad. I feel like I could do much better... or is it worse? And for the record, like the DMV gene, I did inherit this heap from my Mom. When I was a kid, she used to pay me to clean out her purse for her.

Email me your heaps peeps. Did you know that heapy purses are a sign of intelligence and agility?
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CynthiaK said...

Well, my purse contents are scattered between several bags so nothing really to show off there. I may have to wait until the messiest minivan competition comes along again!

mannfamily said...

jeremy wants to know if "purse" also includes diaper bags. if so, he says i've got it in the bag :)

Erin said...

OK - just took my MCP pics, heap and all. Planning on posting tomorrow AM.

And just cause I'm a procrastinating, wannabe OCD-er, I finally took pics of my DMV too. Might have to include them just to sleep better at night. Ya know - cause I MEANT to participate in that contest too!!

Erin said...

MCP post is up on the blog. Impressive for my procrastinating self - a whole 24 hours before deadline!

Come see:

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Diaper bags are welcome.

mel said...

Fortunately (or unfortunatley?) my purse is actually organized! So, I didn't enter & now have dashed any hopes of being a back to back winner (DMV & MCP). Best wishes to all the contestants! Can't wait to see pictures & vote ;)