Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Birthday to Shiloh

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No, it is not brad and angelina's daughter's Birthday. This day belongs to my Shiloh. My wonderful husband of almost 11 years. 
He is a great husband and not just because he rules at throwing 34th birthday surprises.
He shows me he loves me and tells me he loves me everyday. I almost get sick of hearing how hot he thinks I am. Not really though. I love it. He is thoughtful, giving, loyal, funny, sensitive and smart. 

He is an incredible Dad. And not just because he always gives me "breaks" (so that I don't have a mental breakdown and because he loves spending time with the kids) and takes the kids on memorable adventures. He plays with the kids everyday. He even plays ponies with Lydia and dresses up like a princess. Okay, he hasn't dressed up like a princess YET, but I know he wants to. He plays all kinds of stuff with Elijah.

He leads our family by example. Elijah told me that he wants to have a discipleship group when he grows up, just like his Dad does. I asked him who he would want to have in it. "Dad." Elijah wants to be just like his Dad in every way. He even aspires to stink up the house as good as Dad someday. "Mom, was that as stinky as one of Dad's farts?" How did I get to be so blessed to be the fart judger? What a privilege.

Happy Birthday Shiloh! We love youns.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Shiloh had a great birthday!

Libby said...

Happy Birthday Shiloh! ...and I think Jordis is so darn cute!