Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stylin' Saturday #9

Pin It Now! This week I had an uncooperative subject when I was trying to capture the style in my family. And yes, this is the outfit Mr. Shiloh wore to IKEA on that fateful night. I don't know if the pics do this get up justice, but the flat paneled khakis with this t-shirt and flip flops... well let's just say I recognized right away that the fashion world needed to learn from this bad boy. So I chased him around the house with the camera.

I finally caught him straight on.
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Amy said...

Where does one even find sweat headbands in this decade?

tlswank said...

The outfit really isn't so bad. But the headband. . . that is a different story. Maybe someone should tell him you need to be doing something athletic that causes sweating to be wearing one. Did he have one of those burritos from Taco Bell like in that wedding commercial?