Thursday, July 23, 2009

"I Wish I Had Brown Skin"

Pin It Now! Elijah's latest love is basketball. It started during preschool. On the playground. Four year olds assembling teams and everything. Elijah and his Blue Room boys were "The Warriors."
The other day I got "Space Jam" at the library. Now Elijah hearts Michael Jordan. In fact he wants to be like Mike.
Elijah: Mom, I wish I had brown skin. Do you know why?
Mom: No, why?
Elijah: Because Michael Jordan has brown skin.
Then he showed me his skin and said that it was kind of brown. And that Michael's wasn't really that brown. Their skin tones were, in fact, really close.
I didn't have the heart to tell him that that would never be. We are as white as they come. Tan is not really in our vocab even if we laid out in the sun all day long.
Elijah and Mike (as we call him) may not be close in skin color, but my Mom bought Elijah some Air Jordan shoes. So now they are like blood brothers. Here is Elijah practicing his Jordan moves.

And this is his Air Jordan outfit. He came down and asked me if he had gray shorts. Apparently, this is one of Michael's looks.

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mel said...

Elijah is hysterical! So funny! And, it looks like he has some pretty good b-ball skills!

CynthiaK said...

Now that is cute! You know, he may not be brown, but he looks like he's got the moves! I'm sure those Air Jordans don't hurt, either!

What a sweetie.

KQ said...

I think it is a good look for him. He has the moves going! When I bought a bday cake for my two sons, whose bdays are March 2 and Feb 27, I asked him to put Happy Birthday Michael and Jordan. The guy asked me You are getting a cake for MICHAEL JORDAN? Of course not! Do I look like Michael Jordan's mother? Michael AND Jordan!!

debsarp said...

Wow! Looks like he's REALLY got the moves!!

Shan said...

This is definitely my favorite post in a long time. Go Elijah!

Anonymous said...

Oh the irony....And our son wants to be "Pink like daddy!"

tlswank said...

Your son is killing me with the wife beater and socks pulled up.