Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mom, You're Looking Hot

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The other day...
"Mom, you're looking really hot. You look hot."
"What do you mean "hot"? Like I need to jump in the pool because it is so hot?"
"You're hot."
"You mean hot, like cute?
"Yeah, like you're looking fancy."

We have been marveling over the fact that Elijah has his first loose tooth. Then he pulls out, "I remember when I was just one years old. I remember it like it was just yesterday." And if you are wondering why Elijah looks so "hot" in this pic... he had 2 teeth pulled today. Then we went to the park and he got stung by a bee on his thumb. All and all, a great day for my little buddy.
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Amanda said...

Thats great! hahaha!!