Thursday, July 02, 2009

What is a Germaphobe's Biggest Nightmare?

Pin It Now! We were in the hotel room. Lydia had to pee. I was not able to help her. Daddy does not like helping her. He'd prefer that I would tend to all the girl's bathroom duties and doodies. But circumstances required it. He put her on the toilet and told her not to touch the seat. He is a germaphobe. She is a newly potty trained 3 year old . She held on to her thighs for dear life. Next thing I knew he was getting her into the shower. So I shouted from the bedroom, "HONESTLY SHILOH, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOWER HER AFTER SHE PEES. SHE CAN WIPE HERSELF!"
"She fell into the toilet." replied traumatize germaphobic Father.
Every germaphobes nightmare.
I laughed harder than a Banshee.
Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this incident was not captured on camera. But here is a picture of the players that were involved. And before you go judging us as "crazy lanyard trading pin people" at Disneyland just know that this lovely neckpiece was free. It came with a starter pin. We have since only collected 348 one-of-a-kind, Disney certified pins. And if anyone can explain to me the reason that people (especially adults) participate in this type of costly pin trading and then wear them around their necks at Disneyland along with their hotel key or ticket to Disneyland... well I'd like to know. I am just not feelin' it. Not gettin' it at all. Anyone? Is it somehow tied to the eating of the humongous, pink turkey legs that are served up at the park? Is it that the same demographic or is that a whole different ball game?
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KQ said...

Okay, so Jordan is Germaphobe in Training. He blames it on having watched Oprah and the Hotel programs. So he would not sleep on the mattress or use the blankets in the hotel room. And made me clean the channel changer with the disposable wipes that I brought. So, yeah, he will be right up there with Shiloh when he is a dad!

Jenn said...

I have often wondered the same thing as I pass people on Main Street.... Seriously? A lanyard with 129 pins on it?
Wouldn't you rather pay your MORTGAGE with that money?

Wonders never cease.