Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hollywood Days - My Friends

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This is Part 21 of my story!
If you've followed my story you know that I moved down to Hollywood to be on "The New Lassie" when I was 14 years old. When I first moved to Studio City to begin filming the show, I didn't know anyone. I jumped right into filming everyday where I was surrounded by adults. With the exception of the kid who played my brother, Will. He was 10 years old at the time. On weekends I would fly back home or family/friends would fly down and see me. After a few months, I began to attend some different charity and publicity events where I was able to meet some kids my age. That is where I met one of my good friends Christina Nigra. (The actress from "Out of this World" who I featured in the Part 19 post). We didn't hang out a ton outside of these events, but it seems we were always going to the same ones. Another one of my good friends during this era was Carol-Ann Plante. She starred on the television series "Harry and the Hendersons," which also filmed at Universal Studios. Al Burton was also the executive producer of her show and we shared a lot of other crew people in common. We buddied around at Universal as well as at various events.
This post is dedicated to Christina and Carol-Ann.

We were... fashion forward, trend setting, stylin' fools. Okay, maybe we were just fools. But we had fun together. We didn't go to bars or fancy restaurants. We didn't get drunk together, didn't smoke and didn't show up late for work. Imagine that.
On the left is my friend since 4th grade, Sara. She came and visited me a lot and went to various events with me. Then Carol-Ann. Then Lindsay Price, who was another one of my good friends during that time. Rounding out the Mom jeans picture is Christina. I cannot remember what this charity event was for, but I think it was in the San Clemente area.

Far left, Alyson Hannigan, Brian Austin Green, Carol-Ann, Me and Jodi Peterson. Jodi had a reocurring role on Lassie as my best friend. Still a dear friend of mine today.

I met Mark Paul Gosselar when we were partners on the Russian Swing in "Circus of the Stars." He and I became really good friends. A post about him and Circus of the Stars to come. Including clips from the show because I am high tech like that now. (Shiloh sets up the xbox to feed through the video camera to the computer and somehow it ends up on my screen.)

"Where are they now?"
They are both are wonder Moms. Or desperate Moms. It's really the same thing. Christina graduated from UCLA and attended law school at that fine institution. She practiced law until she started birthing children. She recently has gotten back into acting. Check out her website.

After my acting days I lost touch with Carol-Ann. But thanks to Myspace, we found each other again. Carol-Ann is a beautiful mother of two and a musician.

Thanks girls for the wonderful, healthy memories!

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Christina said...

Wow, I feel so honored to have a whole post (well, half a post) dedicated to me on the blog!! :) Careful, I'm feelin' all fancy schmancy now...

Oh, how lovely to see those pics of me with the white cowboy boots, the cut-off midriff tank top...apparently, bad clothes were my drug of choice. Could have been worse, I suppose...

And thank YOU for all the wonderful memories! You are such a vivid and happy part of my teenage years and I'm so grateful for your friendship.


sara said...

That was one of my favorites times about growing up! Thanks for the shout out friend! so happy that God has had us cross paths and remain friends! Your authenticity can't be beat!

Kelly Combs said...

When you look at the young stars of today, don't you wonder how you turned out "normal"? SO glad you did.

This was really neat.

CAP17 said...

Ahhh the memories! It really feels like yesterday. I think that last pic was taken at my house in our little recording studio.

And I love how we thought we were so hot in our mom jeans and midriff tops. Rock on!

I am so honored to be on the blog! You have no idea how good it feels to have you guys as fellow "desperate moms." xoxo