Friday, September 11, 2009

Baking Soda Banana Bread

Pin It Now! Yesterday while Elijah was at school and Jordis was "napping" I decided to have some baking time with Lydia. Since she has been quite...ummm.... challenging lately, I thought it would be good to spend some special time with her. That, and I had rotten bananas I wanted to use. We made banana bread. While I was taking this photo on my camera phone she decided to scoop in some extra baking soda, which I did not notice until I put my phone down and there was a large pile of white powder resting on top of the mixture.

"Lydia, how many extra scoops or baking soda did you put in there?"
"Mmmm.... prolly about four."

Here is the photo of the baking soda after it was cooked.

And yes, it tasted as good as it looks. We tried it and then we donated it to the trash. Good thing I didn't waste those old bananas!

Did I say Jordis was napping? While we were finishing up putting all of the ingredients in the mix I heard Jordis crying. "Oh well." I thought. "She's fine. Let me just finish this up really quick and then go and check on her."
When I went up to her room she was standing at the rail crying and looking down at her pacifier that was on the floor. Oh yeah, and her fat knee was stuck in between the slats of the crib. Oops. Don't worry I held her and comforted her (she was fine) and promised she could have some baking soda for a snack.
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sara said...

that is raw material at it's best! love it!

Megan said...

You crack me up! =) How did Jordis like the baking soda bread?!