Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hollywood Days - The Wonder Years, Part 1

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After several years and many auditions I finally landed a guest starring role on "The Wonder Years." It was worth the wait. A great episode of a classic show. I was fifteen years old and I loved the show. I was happy to be a part of it if only for a week. The episode was titled "Of Mastodons and Men."
Here is Part 1 of that show:

Update: Had to to remove from youtube because of copyright. So if you want to see it - It is season 5, episode 15 and it's on Netflix.
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Heather said...

I am pretty sure I remember that episode! You looked so cute!

fantoma said...

cute and sweet ...wonderful and still look great

CynthiaK said...

Now that is some serious cuteness. And I love the clothes and hair. Brings back memories...

Nokorola said...

I knew I recognised you from somewhere! A classic show, congrats on getting to be part of it.

I can't wait till it(never) comes out on DVD.