Monday, November 23, 2009

Raider Nation

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Yesterday I went to a Raiders game with my Dad, Shiloh and Elijah. It's worth the $25 parking fee just to see the activity and craziness in the parking lot. Seriously. It's indescribable. Here is a shot of some boogie down, pre-game line dancing.
And many fans look like this.
Elijah enjoyed the game. He especially loved the Dibs, popcorn, salt nachos and M&Ms. And playing a game on Dad's iphone.
I pretended the drunk Bengal fans behind us were not cussing throughout the game.

Note the fallen $4 churro on the ground. I took one bite and realized it was not the churro I was hoping for. In fact, I don't think it even deserved the name "churro." It should have been called "Old, Stale, Cold Grosso."

So I reported the bad churro to the appropriate authorities based on this sign.
They were not thrilled when they found out my conduct concern was regarding an inanimate object.
Just kidding. I didn't report the churro, but that would have been awesome, no?

I especially like this photo of me and my boy. And not just because I have mascara beneath my eye and I look like I am on drugs.
Lots of junk food. Three generations and a husband. A kung fu half-time show. Free tickets (thanks Robert). And a BIG WIN! It was great time.
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KQ said...

Looks like it was a great day and a great time. What could be better, your dad, your husband and your son!! Three favorite men and you. Wow! A girl could get spoiled. And the Raiders won!! Being from Oakland I was happy to hear that they won. Too bad my son wasn't working the game yesterday, you could have gotten a picture of him in your shot of the deputies. :)