Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hoop Dreams

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Elijah had the best day of his life on Tuesday. Shiloh got an email from a friend offering Warriors tickets for that night's game against the Pacers. (Thank you Kim and Tammy!) Being that Elijah is obsessed with basketball, Shiloh snatched up those tickets and decided to surprise Elijah. As they drove out to Oakland to pick up the COURTSIDE, RIGHT BENEATH THE BASKET SEATS Shiloh told Elijah that they were going to get dessert.

When they pulled within sight of the arena Elijah said, "What are those buildings? Is that where the Warriors play?"
Shiloh answered, "Yeah, I think so."
Then Elijah started talking about dessert again.
When Shiloh actually pulled into the parking lot of the arena Elijah exclaimed "I know what we're having for dessert!"
During the game Elijah told his dad "This is the best dessert I've ever had." And he wasn't talking about the licorice, cotton candy or rocky road ice cream. Although he did enjoy that, too.

Here was the view from the floor.

UNBELIEVABLE. The boys were on TV several times. Not sure if it was just convenient for the camera men because all they had to do was swivel around to be in Elijah's face or if it was because they got tired of listening to Elijah throughout the game:
"Daddy, was that a foul? Daddy, what's that guys name? Daddy, why is that guying throwing his arms up in the air? Why is the referee doing that with his hands? Was that an intention foul? Did Michael Jordan do that? That guy is not as good as Michael Jordan, right? Daddy, what time is it?"

Actually, Shiloh thinks the two camera men were probably entertained by Elijah's love for all things basketball and his desire to know everything.

At one point, the Spirit Guys were shooting shirts into the crowd. Elijah jumped and screamed for one. The head ref, Dan Crawford, got one and brought it over to Elijah.

At the end of the game, the trainer for the Pacers came over and gave Elijah Danny Granger's cold, sweaty headband. Danny Granger is "the best guy on the Pacers" according to Elijah. Elijah was pumped. He wore the XXXXXXXL shirt and headband to school the next day. And no, the nasty headband has not been washed. We will never wash it because we love NBA sweat.

When they were leaving Shiloh overheard some teenager say of Elijah, "Man, that kid really cleaned up tonight."

Here are the boys when they got home at 11pm. And yes, Elijah is wearing pajama pants beneath his shorts. And yes, Elijah was a wreck the next day and dad was not around to enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is awesome/precious and downright fun. I am so glad he had that experience with Dad!

Shiloh's Dad said...

That was totally great. Shiloh gets to see it through the eyes of his boy. That's Shiloh's dessert. What a blessing children are for us.

Totally Desperate Mom said...

And I waited up and was bouncing off the walls in excitement (for Elijah) when the got home. He was so cute. I loved hearing his account of the events. And he was WIDE awake at 11:15p.m.