Monday, January 18, 2010

Lydia's Official Preschool Photo

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Lydia in her first professional photo shoot. I wasn't there so I'm not quite sure how they managed to get this gem.

This photo was taken in September, back when she was actually in preschool. I pulled her out last week due to the previously mentioned potty issues. I took her to her class to say goodbye to her teachers hoping that it might be her wake-up call. The fact that she acted remotely sad to say bye to them was a good sign.

But when we drove away she said to me casually, "That's okay. They didn't really have much fun stuff there. I only liked to paint and go outside." Oh. My. Goodness.

She only needs to stay dry for seven days to make her big comeback at school. So far no good. She says she wants to go back to school and will stay dry, but then she doesn't do it. If I suggest she go to the potty she usually says she doesn't have to go. I am trying to leave it entirely up to her (because I have decided she is like an alcoholic - she needs to make the choice to quit partying in her pants), but after several hours of a pottyless living I try and gently nudge her and remind her of her goals. Does that make me co-dependent?

But I think Lydia's main goal in life is to rule the world and do whatever she darn well pleases so . . . I guess she is making progress in that regard.

Tonight she started screaming that it hurt down there when she peed (in her pull-up). Maybe a urinary tract infection is the cure for all our problems! Maybe it will be her rock bottom. I know she hasn't had one for the last seven months, but who knows? Maybe this could lead to something. Like the toilet.

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Working Mommy said...

What a cutie!!!


Andra Jamison said...

It's not fair when your kids don't follow any of the prescribed advice...but I had to laugh at your casual attitude towards a possible UTI. If it leads to success then maybe you have a new potty training theory to add to the child rearing books! Wishing you luck, because at this point it's the only thing that might work!

Totally Desperate Mom, Wendy said...

No UTI. She continues to pee in the pants and not care. Pulling her out of preschool for the rest of the year. She can't stay dry only where she knows she needs to and then pee her pants all the time at home and in the car and such. Maybe we should be on Dr. Phil.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

ugh....I am so sorry she is being so stubborn. Glad she doesn't have a UTI. I give you big props for pulling her out of preschool....that is like a punishment for you. You are super mom! Praying for patience....

TDM Wendy said...

Mel, oh yes. Painful for me. But now I am not as stressed and pressured to get her to want to her by herself (which I can't do that stubborn sweetie) because of the school thing. For now, she is livin' it up in the pull up. She may be that one kid, the one exception who is not potty trained by kindergarten.