Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stylin' Saturday - Brother's Clothes

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This is Lydia's twist on the current trend of "Boyfriend's Clothes."
Here's her tip:
Wear your "Brother's Clothes," but keep it chic with your own purple princess chapstick. And you can never wear too much of it.

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CynthiaK said...

And the Style Guru has spoken.

Carrie said...

Got your comment on my blog. I've been following yours for a bit. Your potty training story had me laughing out loud. I noticed on your profile you have listed Irrisistible Revolution. I love this book!

Totally Desperate Mom, Wendy said...

Carrie, love that book although I am not sure I agree with everything in it. Very convicting and challenge. And potty training... someday I will laugh about it more. For now - ugh and laugh.