Saturday, January 09, 2010

Stylin' Saturday - Oversized Shirts

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Elijah came up with this number all by himself. Here's the tip: If you have a shirt that is 14 sizes too big--tuck it into some tight pajama bottoms and then go play hoops. It will improve your jump shot.
Elijah got "back."

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Amanda@thegrainsofparadise said...

Hahaaaa! That is classic!

Mirinda said...

He is SO going to be mad at you one day LOL But in the meantime I just had a good laugh over those pants with that tucked in shirt- hilarious!!!

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Amanda, I could do a fashion post on our high school dance outfits. Ugh.
Mirinda, he wore it proud so he can't be hatin' on me later.