Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hollywood Days - Gathering of the Clans

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Last week I posted an article where I was misquoted regarding an episode of Lassie where Michael Landes was a guest star on the show. The episode was written by Christopher Stone, who played my dad on the show. We were the McCollochs, a Scottish family who was at odds with another family. The family that Michael's character belonged to. But in the end we didn't let our families spat come between us.
(me and Will on set)

(rehearsing a scene)

(chatting with Mike while we wait to shoot)

(goofing around with Will)

(filming a scene in the house that was used for the movie 'The Great Outdoors')

(Paul Walker was a good friend of mine. He came to visit on the set. He also had auditioned for that episode, but Landes got the part instead. I guess they didn't want a blondie.)

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Amy said...

The strapless short outfit is to die for. =)

TDM Wendy said...

Wish I still had it. Probably from wet seal.

Amy said...

I that outfit! And the socks and sneakers to go with it! ahhh...gotta love the 80's fashions!