Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teen Set Magazine

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This post is a rerun from February of 2010.
Television shows have companies who handle publicity for the show. They set up photo shoots, interviews, appearances, and things like that. This was a photo shoot for Teen Set Magazine. I don't think they even really interviewed us. The stuff that was written in this article definitely did not come out of our mouths. In fact, most of the stuff in the teen mags was usually misquotes or made up. And it usually makes you sound pretty lame. So just imagine what the tabloids do.

In case you don't click on the article below and read the whole thing here is my fabulous quote: "My character is just starting to date and is so fickle, like most girls. I got my first screen kiss on the show from Michael Landes, who played Winnie's boyfriend on The Wonder Years. We had a lot of fun doing the scene! It was a nice, long peck!" Okay, I for sure did not say that. Any of it.
(Michael Landes and I on set)
Any guesses as to what store my floral extravaganza of an outfit came from?

Here's the article from Teen Set magazine:

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hannah singer said...

that dress is rockin' my socks!

Anonymous said...

You should know I had a dress just like that - in black - I think we got it at Wet Seal? Oh my... lol.

TDM Wendy said...

Wet Seal all the way but . . . not a dress. Top and shorts with the fabulous belt.

Amy said...

Ha! I was going to say either Charlotte Russe, Contempo Casuals or Wet Seal. ;-) I remember the days when my closet looked like a flower field!