Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hollywood Days - McHammer and Bo

Pin It Now! One of the charity events I participated was a visit to the MacClaren Children's Center (a really big group home) in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by Henry Winkler who was my very first crush, according to my parents. I had a pink "I love Fonzie" tricycle.
We met up at his house and took a bus to MacClaren. I only met Henry briefly, but I think he was the nicest, warmest person I met in Hollywood.

At the MacClaren house we mingled outdoors with the children. It was there that I met Chevy Chase, but didn't get a pic.
I also met MC Hammer. This was at the height of "U Can't Touch This" and hammer pants. Good times.

I also met Peter Reckell, known to me as "Bo" from Days of our Lives. I watched that show in junior high. Pathetic, I know. But maybe not pathetic as this awkward pose?

And here I am with Bubba Paris from the 49ers.

There were a lot of celebrities and professional athletes at this event. I hope these visits made those kids feel special and loved and brightened their challenging lives . . . if even only for a day.
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CynthiaK said...

I love that The Fonz was your first crush! LOL!

I think I had Hammer pants...that's so sad...

Amy said...

The Fonz was MY first crush!!! Did we already talk about this?

I can't believe you hugged Bo. Yes, I was yet another soap-watching-baby. Thanks mom!

And now, "Can't Touch This" is stuck. in. my. head.

Nancy said...

Hello... Bo and Hope or Bo and Carlie. I was a total Days of OUr Lives junkie. Sammy and Lucas. Belle and Sean D. Don't even get me started...I sometimes catch a quick little guilty glimpse at the news worthy headlines on Soap Opera Digest. i don't pick it up. I just squint my eyes to catch a shot.

TDM Wendy said...

Cynthia - Hammer pants were cool. You were 2 legit 2 quit.
Amy and Nancy,
Thanks for coming out of the "I watched Days when I was way too young" closet. I think Bo is still on that show. Crazy. Do you remember Frankie? Thought he was cute back then.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Holla for MC Hammer! Loved him growing up because my initial were M.C.
And, thanks a lot Can't touch this is now stuck in my head. Thanks for spreading the love...haha!