Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feel Free to Steal my Likes

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I received the "Circle of Friends Award" from my blogger friend, Wendy (mom and cancer survivor), over at Like My Baby.
1.There is no shame in the fact that I am responding to this award with the "Sunshine Award" that I received (after millions of votes) in December.
2. There is also no shame that I am combining this award with one I received from Amanda (friend from high school who blogs about Hawaii stuff and healthy eating) at The Grains of Paradise.
3. Once again, zero shame that I am also combing this with the "Honest Scrap" award I received from Diva Mom at Diary of a Diva Mom.
4. And lastly, there is no shame that I am not following the rules of the awards. Because as far as I know there are no blog-award police.

But I do accept these awards and here is my acceptance speech:
Thanks for the trophy and $5000 cash card that I am supposed to pass along, but will not.
Thanks for these prestigious awards (they are not like chain letters, they are not like chain letters) by telling you about three things I like because you may have run out of things to like. In which case feel free to steal my likes.

1. I like big butts and I cannot lie . . . sorry.
I just had to write that. Because I used to dance to that song in high school. Now I listen to the lyrics and think "Wow. Probably shouldn't have danced to those inappropriate lyrics." But I do like music. So here are two up and coming bands who I like and who don't sing about big butts. And I like the people in them. They are my friends. You should like them too.
And until Northern District gets all famous the girl singer (Rachel) babysits for us and we love her. The boy singer leads worship at our church and is one of the best in the world. They work in collaboration with Cameron Jaymes of . . .

Jaymes Reunion Their album "Everything You've Been Looking For" came out TODAY! And you can get two free songs here. You can get the entire album on itunes for $7.99 like I did! One of the songs is the acoustic version of Lydia's favorite dance song, "Fine." It is one of our main dance songs here in the Hagen house as you can see from this video. The kids are still working on their rhythm and dance-moves repertoire. Apparently Elijah is working on his twitching capabilites and clearly I am still working on my house cleaning vibe.

2. I like podcasts.
In particular I love to listen to my pastor Steven Madsen (Cornerstone Fellowship) and Chris Brown (pastor at North Coast Church in San Diego.)
Lately I have been listening to some awesome messages from Chris Brown. He was Shiloh's intern when Shiloh was in junior high. Shiloh later interned for Chris' youth group. Shiloh was in Chris's wedding, Chris married us, we love the Brown family, Chris' wife is incredible . . .
The point is--this guy is legit and sincere and the real deal and he is ridiculously gifted in teaching.
Here are my recent favorites:
Investing Wisely in a New Decade (message after his trip with Compassion to Kenya)

3. I like books. Lately I like these ones:

In case I run out of things to like, what do you like?
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Nancy said...

Oh my goodness,girl... we need to compare our Sir Mix A lOt dances. I've got moves and I bet you do too. Dance off, maybe? :)

CynthiaK said...

Love hearing new music - thanks for the suggestions!

And yeah, I danced to that track, too. Plus I have a big butt so that helps. (don't tell anyone) ;)

Carrie said...

Thanks for the Nanny 911 sermon recommendation. I just listened to it on my iPod and was very encouraged- it also made me think hard about things- especially the GOD versus GPA or MVP section. My kids are still babies, so I have tons of time ahead to mess them up in lots of ways, but it's always good to have reminders of some things not to do!

TDM Wendy said...

It's on!
Let me know how you like the tunes.
Amazing, huh? What a great message for parents with kids of all ages.

Rachel said...

You are so funny! That song is one that sticks in my mind as well (From how many years ago?) I also lost a baby and appreciate Faith's picture- precious. You wrote I think in your bio? that you learned a lot about God through that loss. Me, too. :)

Amanda@thegrainsofparadise said...

You crack me up! xo

Katie said...

So, I'm a nanny for a family with 4 kids, and the 4 year old's "breakdance" reminds me a lot of Elijah's, um, "moves". :) Thanks for sharing.

Warren Baldwin said...

I was following "Marriage Monday" links which led to Sarah Mae's blog, where I linked here. Was looking for the post you referred to on marriage.

I liked your two book suggestions. Am always open to new books. Today I have 4 guest posters suggesting their favorite books on marriage on my blog, Family Fountain. If you have a chance, feel free link over.