Saturday, June 12, 2010

Totally Desperate (Fit) Moms

Pin It Now! Come join me over at Fit Moms Fit Kids Club where I did a post for the Totally Desperate Moms. I will be posting over there once or twice a month. My friend from UCLA, Annett Davis, started this website and a movement to get moms motivated for health. But what does she know about health? She's only a current pro beach volleyball player and former Olympian. Whatever. I bet she can't do a triple pirouette.

For real though, come take the pledge which basically says that you have decided to be intentional about doing your best to model a lifestyle of fitness and good health for your kids. It doesn't mean that you will be perfect in your health endeavors or that you have to delete those fatty recipes you have up on your blog. Just don't eat those things for a living.

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Nancy said...

I am with you 100%. I loved the piece you sent me a few months ago. You are a fabulous writer and as you know...I love the blog too! xoxo